Best Free Video Editing Softwere – olive Video Editing Softwere

Free Softwer:

Olive video editing softwere is free softwere without water mark access full future

Highlight feature:

  1. Chromokey
  2. keyframe animation
  3. Auto cut silence video
  4. Blending
  5. multilayer
  6. color correction
  7. customized interface


This feature is used to remove only a specific color in your video photo

keyframe animation:

This feature is very useful for animating video in your video. For example the following is used to change as needed at a specific time. postion


3. scale

4. color change

5. opocity

Auto cut silence video:

This feature is used to automatically cut the silent part of the video

jumpcutter software truncate silience video


Blending option is used high editing level and mixed two photos and videos


olive is available multible layer like video audio text and sticker ets.,,.

color correction:

color correction is most important of our video editing. color correction is available free software of olive

customized interface:

olive video editing interface more customized optionb available

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