Capcut Video Editing Software Window Version |Direct Install | Full Tutorial in Tamil – TAMIL STUDIO


02:17 Track

02:17 video size position

02:27 blend

02:28 Stabilize

02:50 greenscreen auto cutout

03:00 mask

03:23 Facial beauty and body adjustment

03:52 fade in out

04:07 speed , Curve speed ramp

04:35 Animation

05: 10 Motion Tracking

06:20 speech to text auto caption generate

07:00 color correction adjustment layer

07:50 Select mode and split mode

08:50 group and compound layer singletr convert

09:20 in out rang export

09:38 linkage media preview axis

10:10 effect apply edit

11:15 adjustment layer

13:00 keyboard shortcut

13:00 needed feature

silence detect feature

keyfram reset

copy past effect


How to add a keyframe


text to Speech

main track magnet


preview axis

group clips

Compound Clips

range (in point, out point)

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